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zoom participants during the ISO Training workshops

DEBESMSCAT holds ISO Training workshops for Process Owners and Internal Auditors

The Quality Assurance Office initiated a 3-day virtual training on Interpreting and Documenting ISO 9001:2016 –An Advanced Training for Process Owners on September 7-9, 2021 and a 4-day training workshop for ISO 190011: 2018 Auditing Management Systems for Internal Auditors on September 14-17, 2021. The first 3-day training was participated… Read more

Message from the President

picture of suc president madaam lamelaA year ago, today, DEBESMSCAT, as with other SUCs in the country, were oblivious that a month or so later, the usual flow of the business and processes in the college will be arrested. Immediately, the college was confronted with the need to come up with means to deliver its services without contact to its clientele. Learning modalities that were not used on a large scale and scope before were made the primary means of instructional delivery.
Students of the college, the majority of whom live in areas with limited network coverage, were made to choose between online learning or modular learning—both, to some degree, require an Internet connection to succeed in the course. Students need an Internet connection to view tasks and materials,...Read more »


Dr. Renee A. Lamela SUC President III