DEBESMSCAT Faculty Conducts Academic Benchmarking

panay benchmarking

In its attempt to improve the delivery of its services and increase the performance of the college in the Licensure Examination for teachers, DEBESMSCAT visited 4 performing institutions in Teacher Education in the Western Visayas Region on June 17-22, 2019.

The tour includes 32 personnel from the College of Education, Cawayan Campus, Public Information Office, Placement Office, International Affairs Office, Planning Office and Office of Students’ Affairs. The 4-day tour involves Capiz State University, Iloilo Science and Technology University, West Visayas University and Aklan State University.

The tour focused on looking for best practices of the said institutions that could have influenced their performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers. The selected institutions are identified as either Center of Development or Center of Excellence in the field of Teacher Education. In addition, these institutions are performing well in the Licensure Examination for Teachers with passing percentages of not less than 85%.

“The institutions we visited have practices and features that DEBESMSCAT can adopt specially in their Teacher Education Program. By revisiting our College Policy, we could find areas where we could enrich such as the admission policy for the Teacher Education Programs of the college. I am positive that by doing so, we could significantly improve our performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers,” said Dr. Jessica M. Alcantara, dean of the College of Education.