DEBESMSCAT Vision, Mission, Core Values and Quality Policy


Socio-economically transformed Masbateños through quality education, research, and innovative community solutions.


1) To provide quality, accessible, data-driven, and internationalized state education;
2) To produce academically-prepared, skills-equipped, values-laden, and leadership-honed graduates that are lifelong learners; and
3) To sustain partnerships with multi-sectoral local and international institutions for academic, research, production, and community-based endeavors.

Quality Policy

DEBESMSCAT as an educational institution is committed to sustain excellent service delivery for clientele satisfaction by adhering to quality standards, compliance to legal requirements, and continual improvement thereby producing transformed communities.

Core Values: D’ 6Cs

Care (self-care, care for others [respect,], care for environment)
Client focus (external: students, parents, linkages); internal: employees)
Collaboration (teamwork, external partnerships development)
Commitment (going beyond job description and comfort zone)
Communication (foster open, two-way communication internally and externally; reachable and approachable by stakeholders )
Continual Improvement (innovation, relevant, forward-looking)