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The GADRC is the office designated to take the lead in mainstreaming gender perspectives in the agency’s Programs, Activities and projects (PAPs). Pursuant to Executive Order (EO) No.273, DEBESMSCAT created the GAD office in 2003 appointing Dr. Cynthia L. Dimayuga to oversee all operations concerning gender and development. It started with efforts in inculcating the importance of women empowerment through reminders, awareness campaigns and other similar activities. When Dr. Dimayuga left for study leave, the office was turned over to Dr. Arlene B. Carmen who further mainstreamed GAD in the institution plans and sponsored several campaigns inviting GAD experts recommended by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) to speak in seminars and trainings. In August 2015, Dr. Novy R. Clores took over the responsibilities when Dr. Carmen went apply for further studies. It was during her time that the neighboring communities were included in the activities to advance the gender equality advocacies. However, in 2016, Dr. Clores relinquished her post to Dr. Elreen A. Delavin who sustained all implemented programs and made huge projects which lead to the endorsement of the agency’s GPB and AR for two consecutive years. Today, the GADRC endeavors to not only instil awareness but to deepen everyone’s understanding of gender issues which will lead to the fulfillment of gender equality with Ms. Princess Z. Balbuena as the head of GAD Services.


Gender-Responsive Counselling Sessions
The GADRC gives a gender-responsive extension program which provides information and a variety of options for clienteles in arriving at decisions pertaining to issues they face. The center also affords assistance to victims of sexual harassment, rape and other forms of violence against women and children through Gender Desk.


Conduct of Seminars, Trainings and Workshops
GADRC conducts trainings, seminars and workshops on Gender Mainstreaming, Use of Gender-Fair Language, GAD Planning and Budgeting, GAD Agenda and SOGIE in all colleges, units and campuses of DEBESMSCAT. It aims to develop awareness and sensitivity among students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders with the issues pertaining to gender to ensure fair treatment and advance gender equality.


Research and Publication
The center takes active roles in pursuing gender-related studies and researchers. It has initiated in-house reviews for gender-related papers and has published researchers in different research journals. It intends to pursue more studies along gender and development and subject it to national and international presentations.


Creation and Strengthening of the Gender and Development Focal Point System
Through the GADRC and GAD FPS’ advocacies and initiatives, all units and offices in DEBESMCAT are mandated to gender mainstream through a regular conduct of gender-sensitivity activities, researchers and curriculum development each year.


GAD Advocacies
Among the unit’s programs and activities which promote gender and development are as follows:
• Shout-out Juan and Juana
• Women’s Month Celebration
• 18-day Campaign to End the Violence Against Women and Children
• Purple Fridays
• Candle Lighting Celebration on AIDS
• Anti-Human Trafficking
• Anti-Sexual Harassment
• Diversity in the Workplace


GADRC Child-Minding Center
To allow women employees to pursue their productive roles without interference from their reproductive functions, the center has created child-minding center that caters the DEBESMSCAT employees’ children. Children as young as 3 up to 4 years old are subjected to an informal educational meeting.


Inter-Agency Activities
To further advance the advocacies of Gender and Development in the province of Masbate, the GADRC has forged linkages among partner agencies and institutions and has sponsored a Provincial Gender Forum participated in various line-agencies of the government as well as organizations from both the public and private sectors. It envisions to conduct more programs and activities in partnership with other units to fully attain gender responsiveness in all aspects.


Cabitan, Mandaon, Masbate

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