Faculty immersion in Taiwan pushed through

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On December 1, 2019, seven (7) faculty members from various disciplines left for Pingtung, Taiwan, ROC for a 2-week industry immersion. The delegation was composed of Dr. Chona C. Cajurao, Dr. Ulysis L. Ferreras, Dr. John L. Loraña, Engr. Jose S. Caluza, Mrs. Janette P. Solinap, Mr. Roger Y. Ibañez and Mr. Jacob Frederick P. Velza.

This industry immersion activity implements the Memorandum of Agreement signed between DEBESMSCAT and Agri-Gaia Social Enterprise International Limited on February 14, 2019.

AgriGaia is a leading organic farming and social enterprise champion in Southern Taiwan. They are a bonafide member of Edu-Connect Southeast Asia which is a civic non-profit organization dedicated to building a robust Taiwan-Philippine Academic Networking Platform to share higher education resources and technology development.

This industry immersion activity is aimed to strengthen international linkages, increase our presence in Asia; provide a platform for deeper collaborations and innovations in the field of agriculture and bio-systems; and appreciate and understand cultural uniqueness and diversity in the region. It is hoped that this collaboration and exposure will affect a synergy in research, development, and innovation in and around DEBESMSCAT.

“This is a great experience. We will be exposed to actual good agricultural practices, specifically organic agriculture practices in growing high-value crops. The concept of production is to provide growing high-value crops. The concept of production is to provide a sustainable supply of organic vegetables…” said Dr. Ullysis L. Ferreras, the head of the delegation.