Registration and Admission Office Urges New Students to Complete their Admission Requirements on October 22, 2020.

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Since the start of the enrollment earlier on June, the college Admission and Registration Office has postponed the collection of the admission requirements of the students in consideration to the then existing Community Quarantine and the associated rules and regulations.

Following a nearly five-month extension on the submission, the Admission and Registration Office is now requiring all new students, to submit their complete admission requirements. The said requirements can be dropped at the designated pick-up stations.

Mandaon – DEBESMSCAT Main Campus Admission and Registration Office

Balud – Municipal Administration Office (c/o Mr. Gilord B. Abelita)

Milagros – Human Resource & Management Office (c/o Ms. Imelda Rosero

Baleno – Human Resource & Management Office (c/o Mr. Joselito Cortes)

Aroroy – Municipal Administrator Office (c/o Dr. Edmundo Escape)

Masbate City – DEBESMSCAT Suboffice, Masbate City (City Hall)

Mobo – Tourism Operation Office (c/o Mr. Ryan R. Jerusalem)

Uson – Municipal Agriculture Office (c/o Mrs. Sherly H. Patalinghug)

Dimasalang – Municipal Agriculture Office (c/o Mrs. Iris Cabrera

Palanas – Municipal Administrator Office (c/o Mr. Romson Mijares) or the Municipal Agriculture Office (c/o Mr. Percival Lamela)

Cawayan – Cawayan Campus (c/o Mr. Jeremy Labastida)

Cataingan – Municipal Agriculture Office (c/o MAO Melendres)

Pio V. Corpus – Municipal Agriculture Office (c/o Mr. Mark Oling)

Placer – Municipal Agriculture Office (c/o Mr. Joel Estado)

Esperanza – Municipal Agriculture Office (c/o Engr. Jeber Malaras)

Burias – TREMNAS (c/o School Principal/Head Teacher)

Monreal – Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (c/o Mrs. Daisy L. Pendijito)

Batuan – Municipal Administrator Office (c/o Engr. Aldren Mitra)

October 22 was selected as the deadline since it coincides with the schedule of the third release of the module. At the same time, the assigned faculty who will distribute the modules can pick-up the requirements that the students will submit.